family / caregivers The National Association of Elder Abuse and Neglect states that the better educated the care partner is about how to provide good care, the less likely they are to abuse or neglect the elder. Over 50% of the care partners admit to being abusive to their family member who is living with dementia. On average 70% of all care partners over the age of 70 become seriously ill due to caregiver stress.

As a Dementia Specialist, Janet provides support through education and hands-on training for individuals and/or group sessions with the family/care partners. Janet teaches the family/care partner how to interact effectively with their loved one.  She helps the family/care partner work through the common challenges that are associated with dementia.  The education and training provided helps the family/care partner understand the brain changes and how to cope. Janet provides care tips for families, teaches effective positive communication skills, techniques and care strategies that are used with daily interactions and activities. The learned skills and techniques assist with  decreasing care partner stress while providing the best possible quality of life for their loved one who is living with dementia.