The prevalence of dementia is expanding rapidly as the population ages. In businesses, some of your employees are the adult children, spouses and/or partners who are providing the care giving. Issues that arise while being a working care partner include both financial and emotional stress, physical exhaustion and psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. 7

It has been reported through the Gallup Business Journal that “American businesses lose more than an estimated $25 billion annually in productivity from absenteeism among full-time working caregivers”. Further reported is ” 70% of those who work while caring for dementia patients have to modify their schedules at some point”.  “The benefits of  providing counselors to discuss options such as assistive living and nursing homes, a network of support groups, employee-assistance programs , and counselors to answer questions about the person they are caring for allows the employee to focus on their job when they are at work. ” 8

  • What’s happening to the brain?
  • Is what you see normal or not normal aging?
  • Do you know the signs and symptoms of dementia?
  • Are one of your co-workers or employees presenting with symptoms of dementia?


Give your business/organization and it’s employees/members a better understanding of those who are living with dementia.  The training workshops can be modified to meet your business/organization needs and help it become a more dementia- friendly environment. The workshops can be provided in your place of business which will allow for optimum participation.