Dementia 101: “Your Questions Answered ” Workshop Training Series for Caregivers

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Janet Standifer, M.Ed. CCC/SLP

Certified Dementia Trainer and Consultant

The following workshops help you understand and recognize the differences between “normal” and “not normal” aging. This knowledge facilitates better observational skills once the differences are learned. You will easily recognize the changes and then intervene more effectively with the person who is living with dementia. You will learn more about dementia and how the brain changes, using visuals and discussion, as the dementia process progresses. The training helps you understand why those who are living with dementia lose skills before strength. You will learn how to meet your loved one’s needs while using retained abilities to promote a sense of control and self-direction.

Effective approaches and care partnering techniques are taught during the workshops. You learn how to apply these approaches and techniques for everyday situations that may arise for someone living with dementia. The workshops focus on the importance of doing “with” and not “to” a person who is living with dementia. Learning the different states of being and their abilities with each state are considered and used as a guide toward understanding brain function and current abilities. By the end of the series, you will understand dementia,the brain changes, and learn why you must change your approach since your loved one cannot make the change and that he/she is doing the best they  can. This information leads to adjustments in your expectations, modifications of cues, and type of support. You learn how to use effective communication skills while implementing “hands-on” care techniques that assist with meeting the unmet needs of your loved one.

Workshop I     “Normal Aging/Not Normal Aging”

Workshop II   “What is Dementia and Brain changes?”

Workshop III   Teepa Snow’s GEMS ® classification model

Workshop IV   Approaches and Skilled Techniques/Resources

(Registration is limited to 10 participants per session)

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How to Register

Dementia: Your Questions Answered Dementia 101: Training Workshop Series