Dementia Consultant

Dementia ConsultingDementia Consultant

As a Dementia  Consultant, Janet offers services in Parker, Tarrant, and Hood counties.  Janet provides individual and family consulting to help work through the unique and specific problems as a care partner. Janet meets with family members/care partners, in their home or other place of choice, to discuss what they are going through and type of support and guidance needed.  Through education, they learn about dementia and improve their understanding which helps prepare for the dementia-related changes and challenges. Through interactive participation and training, Janet provides care tips and teaches the family specific hands-on techniques, skills, and approaches to use with their loved one.  These techniques are designed to  increase their loved one’s participation during activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, ambulating, grooming, and eating.

The family /care partners learn how to make environmental changes and use specific strategies to reduce refusals, agitation, and other difficult “behaviors” that their loved one may exhibit. Overall goal is to minimize the stress with both the family and their loved one so that they can enjoy the moments together as a family. 

As a facility consultant, Janet meets with the healthcare team which includes the administrators, program directors, and direct care staff to assist with program development for individual residents who are living with dementia and provide education and training with the care staff.

Dementia Consulting 

 Topics of discussion  may vary depending on the needs and requests 

 Private Confidential  Consultations with families at a designated place or  in their homes are available by appointment.

Facility Consultation are within the facility.

 Consultation visits are conducted in a variety of ways:  

  1.    Face to face visits

  2.   Telephone

  3.   Confidential Email

  4.    Texting

  5.    Personal Online Meeting Rooms

Cost of consultation sessions will be determined by the type and duration of each session